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There were 6.5-million stroke deaths worldwide, making stroke the second-leading global cause of death behind ischemic Heart Disease. Stroke deaths accounted for 11.8% of total deaths worldwide (2013). It is the leading cause of morbidity n disability.

Any neurological symptom that is sudden in onset could be stroke. It is as if “struck by the hand of god”. Recognizing stroke is as simple as FAST. F-Facial drooping, A-Arm weakness, S-Speech difficulty, T-Time. Stroke is of two types. Ischemic (lack of blood supply) stroke & Haemorrhagic (bleeding inside brain) stroke.

Stroke is treatable as well as preventable to some extent.

Cigarette smoking, physical inactivity, Obesity, High total Cholesterol, Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Heart disease, High sodium intake etc. increase the risk of Stroke. Changing life style with regular exercise and a healthy diet can prevent stroke to some extent. Non-modifiable risk factors for stroke are age, sex, family history, genetic factors etc.

Ischemic Stroke is treatable only if the patient presents to us within 6 to 8 hours of symptom onset. Time is very important for treatment of ischemic stroke.2 million neurons die each minute due to lack of blood supply to brain. Pea size brain becomes irreversibly damaged every 12 minute without treatment. Hence earlier the treatment better is the outcome.

Two types of treatment available for ischemic stroke. Intravenous thrombolysis and Mechanical/Aspiration Thrombectomy. In IV thrombolysis clot dissolving injection is given to dissolve the brain clot. In mechanical/Aspiration Thrombectomy clot from the bbrain is directly removed obtaining immediate restoration of blood supply to the brain. Hence rescuing the neurons from death.

Standard care for stroke is Intravenous Thrombolysis followed by mechanical/aspirational Thrombectomy. However sometimes clot dissolving drug is contraindicated for some patients .For them mechanical Thrombectomy will be the only option.

At GKNM Hospital we are having comprehensive facility to manage stroke patients. We are doing both IV Thrombolysis and Mechanical Thrombectomy to treat stroke those who present to us within the window period (4.5hrs for IV thrombolysis and 6-8 hours for Mechanical Thrombectomy).

Our stroke team comprises of DrKKPrachet(Neurologist), Dr Rasmiranjan Padhi(Interventional radiologist & Coordinator),Dr Balasenthilkumaran(Neurosurgeon),
Dr S. Senthilkumaran(Radiologist), DrSathamurthy(Intensivist), and DrSundarRajan(Emergency Physician)

We are available 24x7.

Stroke helpline number--0422 4305500