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Department of cardio thoracic surgery at GKNM hospital conducted its first  heart transplant surgery on Tuesday, 30th of Aug'2016 at the hospital.

32 year male who was suffering from a complex congenital heart ailment had a Glenn operation in 1999 at our hospital and was doing well. Over the last few years he started developing features of Heart failure due to the heart muscles becoming weak. The symptoms became very severe over the last year needing several hospitalisation. The only option left was a transplant and so we listed him for the same. He was lucky enough to get a suitable donor.

A young civil engineer who had a brain stroke due to bleed in Ramakrishna Hospital, came forward to donate his organs and this matched our patient. The CTP sent us an alert and we immediately went and assessed the donor and gave the OK. The process was set into motion . This involves lot of people . The harvesting started at about 4 am on 30th. The organ reached here within 15 minutes of removal. Once implanted the heart started beating giving him a new lease of life. This patient was very complicated as he was a re-operation and also was cyanotic ( blue baby ). Our team did a wonderful job and he is now progressing well. Needless to say it needs an enormous team effort comprising of doctors ( surgeons/cardiologist/ anaesthetist / neurologist / intensivist), nurses, perfusionists, co-ordinator and other supportive staff. We established the Heart failure clinic two years back to take care of this type of sick patients and this transplant is another milestone. We want to build a sustained Transplant program and we have a dedicated team to take care of different aspects .

Dr. P. Chandrasekar

Director, Heart Transplant Program

Dr. VijayKumar

Paediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon