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A comprehensive Health Check Up for people aged 60 and above!

The uniquely designed health check-up offered through the department of geriatric services is meant to screen, assess and evaluate the current health status of individuals above 60 years of age and offer assistance and guidance in obtaining and maintaining optimal health.

I am 67 years young and healthy. Why should I have a check-up?

As we age, our body is subjected to immense stress- physically, mentally, psychologically and socially. The body is more vulnerable to stress at this point than ever before. One unique feature of this health check-up is screening for some common conditions, which if not identified in advance, can affect the quality of life of the individual drastically. An example would be memory loss or forgetfulness. Through proper screening with validated tools, we will be able to differentiate age related memory loss from memory loss due to pathological causes like Alzheimer's disease or Vitamin B12 deficiency( often seen in this age group because of improper diet.) Early detection and preventive measures can greatly influence the progress of the disease.

How is this check up different from regular health check-up?

Apart from blood and other investigations that are part and parcel of any health check-ups, the silver health check up is designed keeping in mind the unique health and well-being status of the client. The individual will be screened for some common pathological issues that are often sidelined as 'age-related'.

Key features

  • Screening for memory problems, depression, risk of fall, malnutrition and many more apart from medical conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension and Heart diseases
  • Assessment done by a team comprising the Geriatrician, Dietitian, Physiotherapist, Social Worker and Nursing staff.
  • Specialist consultation for vision and hearing impairments;gynecology consultation for women
  • Counseling on lifestyle changes( Diet, Physical Activity, social support)
  • Two comprehensive health sessions with the geriatrician.

Contents of the package

Included in the silver health check-up are:

Blood and Urine Tests

Complete Hemogram Fasting blood sugar Post Postprandial Blood sugar
Fasting Lipid profile Blood Urea Serum Creatinine
Serum Protein Urine Routine  


Functional Assessment

Cognition and Memory Depression Nutrition
Fall Risk Mobility ECG
Echo-cardiogram Chest X Ray Ultrasound Scan- Abdomen and Pelvis
ENT Consultation Opthalmology Consultation Diet Counseling
Physiotherapy counseling Cardiology consultation and other specialist consultation will be arranged as per geriatrician's advice. Breakfast

Cost : Rs 4,370 /-


  • Mammogram and ultrasound breast    -  Rs. 2000/-
  • Gynaecologist opinion                         -  Rs. 300/-
  • PAP Smear                                           -  Rs. 600/-


  • BMD (Bone Mineral Density Test)    - Rs. 700/-