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Asthma and Allergy – Around 1 in 10 children suffer from Allergic disease. We help with diagnosis and management of children with wheeze and allergic diseases.We also offer specialised services like spirometry and allergy testing. We provide health education and training on inhalation therapy and environmental triggers.

Infections – We manage children with respiratory infections, pneumonia and empyemas.We have facility ro screen for Primary immune deficieny diseases i.e Immunoglobulin profile, Lymphocyte subset analysis and Phagocytic function(NBT)

Paediatric Flexible bronchoscopy – We are one of the few centres in the state to have this facility. Flexible bronchoscopy is helpful to diagnose and treat children with noisy breathing, persistent chest infections, persistent lung shadows and protracted cough.

Primary Ciliary Dykinesia(PCD) – We are the first centre in South India to have a diagnostic facility for this genetic condition. Cilia are microscopic hair like structures situated in the cells lining the airway. Wave like coordinated movements of these cilia is important to clear mucus (with particulate matter and germs) out of the repiratory tract. In PCD the ciliary movement is absent or affected. Children born with this genetic condition have early onset wet cough, respirtory disease in the newborn period. 50% of them have heart located on the right side of the chest. Later they develop recurrent chest infections which can damage their lungs permanaently(Bronchiectasis). They can also have sinus and ear infections.

We offer specialised diagnostic tests(HSVA, Nasal NO , Genetic testing) for early diagnosis and multidisplinary approach to management to improve outcomes.We have an ongoing colloboration with PCD centre, Southampton University Hospital, UK.

Cystic Fibrosis –  Cystic fibrosis is a genetic condition affecting mainly the lungs and digestive system(Pancreas). Children with cystic fibrosispresent with recurrent chest infections, oily/greasy stools and undernutrition. We offer diagnostic testing for children suspected to have this genetic condition which includes Sweat chloride testing, Stool for pancreatic elastase and genetic testing. These children are managed by a mutildsiplinary team.

Rare lung diseases- We do evaluate and manage children with rare lung diseases an congenital lung lesions.


Dr B Antony Terance MD, MRCPCH(UK), DAA(CMC vellore)

European Dip.Paediatric Respiratory Medicine

Consultant Paediatric Pulmonology

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