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Canteen :

There is a canteen inside the hospital premises, managed by a private contractor where snacks and meals are served. There are Snack bars available inside the hospital (A & C blocks) where biscuits, snacks , hot/cool drinks, lunch packets etc., are available from 5.30 am to 9.00 pm.

Photocopying and Fax :

This facility is available in the A block  A017 and C Block C 018 rooms of our hospital.

Bank with ATM :

A branch of Corporation Bank  with ATM is functioning within the hospital premises at the South East end.

Gift Shop :

A gift shop is available near the Corporation Bank inside the hospital premises.

Laundry :

Patients are welcome to make use of the laundry facility on payment of prescribed rates.  Please do not wash your clothes inside the hospital premises.

Barber Service :

The services of a barber is available. If required, respective nursing staff of the ward may be contacted.

Pharmacy :

A fully stocked Pharmacy functioning all through the year is located within the hospital. Bedside delivery of medicines to inpatient is also done.

Ambulance :

Two specially equipped cardiac ambulance are  available . A Paediatric Emergency Transport Service is also available to transport babies within 100 Km radius. These services  can be availed by dialing

       Paediatric Emergency Transport Service :  1053              Ambulance Service  :   (0422)  4305300, (0422) 2243501 – 507

Sengadu Dormitory :

Economically disadvantaged patients receiving radiation  therapy/requiring prolonged treatment or coming from far off places can avail the services. Accommodation and other facilities are provided at free of cost. Admission form for the dormitory can be obtained from the personnel at the admission counters (in 'A' and 'C' blocks) and VNCC Out patient registration counter (in 'C' block).