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What is Nuclear Medicine ?

Nuclear Medicine is a medical speciality where Radioisotopes are used for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. Nuclear imaging is a unique method of producing images using Gamma Camera. Here the radiation is detected from different parts of the body after administering a radioactive tracer material. The images produced are recorded on a computer, which is read by a Nuclear Medicine Physician to make a diagnosis.

Why Nuclear Scan ?

When we already have X – ray, Ultrasound, CT & MRI, why do we need this?

  • It provides unique functional information at cellular and molecular levels whereas other imaging methods assess the anatomy.
  • It is an extremely sensitive technique
  • It provides dynamic and quantitative information

Is it safe ?

  • Nuclear scan is very safe
  • Radioactive tracers used in Nuclear medicine are in most cases injected into a vein, but for some studies they may be given orally.
  • These tracers are not dyes and hence do not have any side effects.
  • The amount of radiation exposure which a patient receives after a Nuclear medicine procedure is very low.

Note :  All Nuclear Medicine procedures are contraindicated in pregnant women. Kindly inform the Physician if you are breast feeding

Appointments :

All nuclear medicine scans are done by prior appointments only. Kindly fix an appointment over the phone. Contact us in 0422 – 4305408