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Multidisciplinary clinics ( Tumour Board) :

VNCC stands out as one among the few in the country that have a Multidisciplinary Clinic that meets on a daily basis. Specialists across various disciplines who are involved in the care of the cancer patient meet to decide and formulate a treatment plan for every individual patient. Surgical, Medical and Radiation Oncologists are ably supported by Radiologists, Oncopathologist, Palliative Care specialists and other personnel who are part of the team that meet to discuss and sort out diagnostic dilemmas and treatment protocols to ensure that the patient gets the best possible treatment.

Daycare Chemotherapy Ward :

Chemotherapy is an integral part of cancer treatment and involves frequent visits to the hospital. The daycare chemotherapy facility enables patients to have their chemotherapy over a period of a few hours and to go home the same day thereby avoiding hospitalisation. This has proved beneficial both on the cost of care and the disruption for the attenders.

Paediatric Oncology ward :

Children with cancer form a vulnerable group and their needs are different from those of adults. A cheerful atmosphere,a comfortable and calm ambience and caring hospital staff are essential to help these young people to undergo the rigorous treatment that is necessary to cure them of their disease. The Pediatric ward of VNCC provides such an atmosphere and ensures that these little ones do not miss out the fun in their lives.

Stem cell transplant suite :

A fully equipped transplant suite with facilities for stem cell apheresis and transplant is provided .

Low counts ward :

A seperate low counts ward manned by specially trained oncology nurses functions for the benefit of patients undergoing intensive chemotherapy.

Lymphedema clinic :

Appropriate and effective management of Lymphedema (swelling of the limb near the operated region) that sometimes follows surgery for various cancers especially breast cancer is addressed by the Lymphedema Clinic -the first of its kind in the city. The clinic is held on Thursdays by Dr.Prakash Ramamoorthy,MCh. Consultant Vascular Surgeon. Physiotherapists, Counselors and experts who are well versed in manual lymphatic drainage form part of the team. Devices like compression garments,sleeves, lymphedema pump etc assit in the care.

Colposcopy :

A separate colposcopy suite for cervical cancer screening is available.

Cancer Genetics and counselling Clinic :

For patients and their families with hereditary cancer syndromes the clinic would soon be functional.

Immunisation programme :

Immunisation programme against  Human Papilloma Virus would be initiated shortly.