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The intensive care is recognised by Dr MGR medical university to run the critical care fellowship which is a two year program. Candidates who have completed one year post MBBS are eligible to join the course. A total of five candidates are admitted every year. Dr Nagamani Sen is the course director. The junior medical officers undergo an intense training in all procedures and protocols. They undergo a credentialing process before authorised to do any procedure independently. The intensive care was inspected by the college of intensive care medicine,Australia and was recognised to run the foundation training to admit candidates willing to undergo intensive care training in Australia. Our hospital is the fourth hospital recognised in India for the training program.

The intensive care unit has a excellent clinical information system (CIS) called AORTIC,a software created by the Australian New Zealand intensive care society ( ANZICS).The admission and discharge summary are all generated by this software along with calculation of APACHE 3 score for all patients. Also extensive data are collected by this software to generate close to 35 reports from intensive care reflecting the quality and patient outcome. The data are also analysed by the central office in Melbourne and an annual report is printed and published.

The nursing team form a big asset to the intensive care and a ratio of 2:1 (nurse:patient) are maintained. The nursing team undergo a one year intensive care nursing course with the syllabus designed by the team of doctors in intensive care. Also all nurses undergo a competency test in most procedures and equipments done/used in intensive care. The ICU nursing course comprises average of 10 candidates in a year .The candidates undergo quarterly written and clinical exam with a final exam in the month of January. The nurses then are certified by the hospital to work in intensive care.

The teaching program from our intensive care is an attraction for the rest of the hospital including other hospitals in the city. The intensive care conducts average of one workshop a month for the nurses and doctors. The workshop conducted for nurses are well recognised by the Tamil Nadu nursing council and good credit points were awarded for all the programs. The HEART workshop conducted by our unit has been given a highest credit points of 20 hrs for the nurses. This workshop runs over two days training nurses in hemodynamic evaluation and relevant therapy. The other workshops done in our unit include CLABSI, vascular workshop and ventilator . The doctors undergo hands-on training with various workshop which include ultrasound, vascular access,FAST,focused critical care echocardiography and airway training. The unit has applied to Tamil Nadu medical council for recognition for credit points.

The unit also holds a simulation centre -small scale version holding two manikins and “SIM ON THE GO” is conducted for a small group of nurses and doctors once every two weeks training them on advanced life support,disease specific conditions and resuscitation .