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Regular OP Clinic :

The OP clinic is located in the A block of the hospital. The clinic runs all weekdays from 8 AM to 4 PM. No prior appointment is needed. As you enter the A block, ask the reception desk for help and registration.

For the regular OP visit :

  • Make sure you bring all your previous medical records with you.
  • It's advisable that you are accompanied by someone from your family or a friend. In case there is no one to accompany you, you can seek the help of the PR office in A block to help you with your visit. In case you are unable to come to the hospital, contact us over phone or email and we will try to help you.
  • Bring all your prescription medicines and over-the-counter medicines.
  • In case you are diabetic or you think you may have diabetes or you want to do some blood test, please come fasting( no food after dinner) so that we can take your fasting blood samples for test.
  • Specialty consultation will be arranged after the comprehensive geriatric assessment, if needed.
  • It will take around 2-3 hours for blood results to be ready after blood is drawn. Radiological investigations like CT, X rays and Ultrasound usually can be arranged on the same day.
  • A snack bar and coffee shop is situated near the OP clinic. No outside food is allowed inside the hospital. The hospital canteen caters Vegetarian food from where you can have breakfast and lunch.

Short term In-patient Care :

There are at times when hospital stay is required for further evaluation and management of disease. The usual indication for such short stay include medication management as in diabetes, short term disease like fever, urinary tract infection, short term rehabilitation like physiotherapy and further evaluation of any clinical condition. During your stay in the hospital, apart from the management of your clinical condition, cross consultation, diet advise and physiotherapy assistance will be made available. In patient admission are advised after judicious evaluation and unnecessary stay is discouraged. Additionally, patients getting discharged from the hospital, if eligible, will be reviewed through home visit.

Silver Health Screening Programme :

A comprehensive Health Check Up for people aged 65 and above!

This uniquely designed health check-up offered through the department of geriatric services is meant to screen, assess and evaluate the current health status of individuals above 65 years of age and offer assistance and guidance in obtaining and maintaining optimal health.

Outreach Clinics :

The concept of outreach clinic is simple- if there is a place where there is a substantial elderly population – a senior retirement community or a housing colony or a residential apartment complex where there is a need for regular geriatric intervention, then it is economical as well as more efficient for our department to conduct clinics at the respective location on a regular basis.

The department conducts a preliminary survey at each location to assess the need of the population for such services. The decision to conduct outreach clinics is based on the analysis of this survey. Some of the unique problems that we think we can help you with are:

  • Fall, fear of fall
  • Immobility, arthritis and pain
  • Incontinence of bladder
  • Sleep disorders
  • Memory Impairment

If you live in a community where you think our services are needed, please contact us through email or phone.

Home Care Visits :

For elderly who can’t access hospital healthcare due to various reasons, the department of geriatric services has developed a program through which the geriatric team will visit them at home. Though there are no definite criteria for who can utilize this facility, we would recommend this service to elderly who are:

  • Bed bound and totally or partially immobilized
  • Living alone and finding it difficult to come to the hospital
  • Frail elderly
  • Post stroke/surgery/trauma and needs rehabilitation and care
  • Demented
  • Need end of life care

The services we are currently offering for home care are:

  • Medical management of the disease
  • Nursing care- Catheter change, wound dressing, bed sore management
  • Physical rehabilitation- post stroke, surgery or major illness
  • Home-lab service

Once we receive an enquiry from you about the home care, a member from the geriatric team would be contacting you. A preliminary enquiry on the status of the patient and the need for homecare would be done-either over the phone or face to face interview with the caregiver. Once this is done and the patient is found be to be eligible for homecare service, the team will visit the patient at home within 2-3 days. A comprehensive assessment would be made on the day of the visit and then a care plan would be formulated based on the need. The team members would then visit the patient on a regular basis. We are currently offering our services on a 2 week package basis.

                                               Contact us at 0422 - 4305216, 0422 - 4305622 for further details.