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Liquid Waste :

Liquid waste in our hospital can be broadly categorized into

  • Liquid waste containing Radio active isotopes
  • Liquid waste from Laboratory and Operation theaters
  • Other liquid waste similar to domestic sewage

The liquid waste from the hospital is collected in dedicated septic tank and the overflow water is taken through pipes to the effluent treatment plant.  After the treatment process and chlorination , the water is used for maintaining the hospital gardens. The quality of this treated water is verified periodically by the Pollution Control Board.

Green belts of GKNM using the liquid waste

Solar Water Heater :

We use the solar water heaters for hot water supply. We have a capacity of 40000 ltrs. Because of the use of Solar heaters power consumption is reduced.

Chiller Plant :

Our chiller plant is both Ozone friendly and Eco-friendly. We use Bio-diesel for Chiller plant.

Electrical equipment :

Compact Fluorescent bulbs  are being used in our hospital. We are in the process of converting them into LED bulbs. Through this power consumption is being reduced. The heat energy which comes out of these bulbs are very low