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GKNM Hospital has been granted accreditation by the National Board of Examinations,New Delhi for conducting the DNB programme in various disciplines as detailed below. The DNB programme was started in the year 1991 and expanded in the subsequent years.

Super Specialities

S.No Department No. of seats Duration Eligibility
1 Cardiology 4 3 years M.D. (Gen. Med. / Paed.) or DNB (Gen. Med./Paed) and CET(SS) rank
2 Cardiothoracic Surgery 2 Direct 6 years M.B.B.S and CET(BS) rank

Broad Specialities (Primary seats)

S.No Department No. of seats Duration Eligibility
1 Obstetrics & Gynaecology 3 3 years M.B.B.S and CET rank
2 Paediatrics 3 3 years M.B.B.S and CET rank
3 General Medicine 2 3 years M.B.B.S and CET rank
4 General Surgery 1 3 years M.B.B.S and CET rank
4 Anaesthesiology 4 3 years M.B.B.S and CET rank
5 Radiotherapy 2 3 years M.B.B.S and CET rank

Broad Specialities (Secondary seats)

  • The duration of the course will be 2 years.
  • Eligibility : M.B.B.S, Diploma in the respective specialty and PDCET rank.
  • Number of seats will depend on the number of primary candidates admitted for the same session in that particular discipline.
  • Note : The M.B.B.S degree and Diploma of the applicants must be from the Universities recognised by the Medical Council of India. All the above stated courses are governed by the rules and regulations of the National Board of Examinations, New Delhi. Candidates are selected by the NBE through a process of Centralised Entrance Test (CET) and counselling based on the CET marks related merit list. Candidates alloted to our institution are admitted by us as per the NBE's guidelines.

The details regarding our institution and the departments are available at the hospital website. The further details regarding the academic courses like rules,regulations,syllabus,curriculum etc., may be viewed at the official website of the NBE(www.natboard.edu.in).


Course Fee

The first year course fee Rs.80,000/- including accommodation fee has to be paid by the candidate during seat allotment at NBE, New Delhi.

 The subsequent year fee shall be paid by way of Demand Draft / Cheque only."


Only sharing accomodation is available.


The candidates will receive stipend per month as follows :

Programme I Year II Year III Year IV Year V Year VI Year
Broad Specialty- Primary Rs.35000/- Rs.37500/-- Rs.40000/- - - -
-Secondary Rs.37500/- Rs.40000/- - - - -
Super Specialty (6 Yrs Cardiothoracic Surgery) Rs.40000/- Rs.43500/- Rs.45000/- Rs.45000/- Rs.45000/- Rs.45000/-
Super Specialty (3 Yrs Cardiology) Rs.70000/- Rs.70000/- Rs.70000/- - - -