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Immunoshisto chemistry is a diagnostic histopathological test that has become an imperative tool in the arsenal of cancer diagnosis.

The results and subsequent intepretation of the IHC test is what defines several cancers today.

Hence quality noted of the test is very important to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.

Automation of IHC is a sure step in ensuring that all the processes of the test fall within set international standards. The Ventana  Bench mark XT is one such automated IHC equipment acquired by GKNM Hospital.

Salient features :-

  • Complete automation from antigen retrieval to slide covering and labelling.
  • Rapid TAT (3 hours / run)
  • Number of tests : 30 / run
  • A combination of IHC tumour markers can be done in one run.
  • GKNM IHC total markers : 71